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By now you’ve most likely heard the staggering numbers surrounding employee engagement, retention, and attrition. A fundamental shift in how people view their relationship with their career has taken place as employees reassess the meaning of work itself.

Ted Ma’s speaking programs help today’s organizations rethink leadership development and mentorship programs as a way of building inclusive, supportive, and empowering workplace cultures that prioritize the well-being of their employees.


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Everyday Mentorship: How Great Leaders Bring Out the Best in Others

We all have someone who made a significant impact on our careers. For most of us, it was a mentor who challenged the way we see ourselves and how we show up in the world.

Your ability to be an Everyday Mentor for others doesn’t happen by chance; it is a result of a specific mindset and set of behaviors. Based on insights from a national research study of over 1,000 professionals, this interactive program will teach you how to become an Everyday Mentor, regardless of your title. Participants will be challenged to rethink their role as leaders, change the way they interact with their team members, and learn how to create a culture that people never want to leave.

In this session, you will:

  • Identify the top traits of great mentors and assess how you measure up
  • Explore the mental barriers that hold most leaders back and how to overcome them
  • Discover how to attract, develop, and retain great employees
  • Learn how to transform from a leader to an Everyday Mentor

“Ted absolutely nailed it. His message resonated so well that our group is buzzing and we’ve already had requests to bring him back in the future. If you’re considering hiring Ted, you can’t go wrong.”


Build Your Round Table: How to Unlock the Power of Mentorship

Have you ever felt like you were stuck? As an emerging leader, finding the right mentors to guide you along your journey is key to overcoming obstacles and unlocking your personal and professional growth.

Your ability to connect with the right mentors can be the difference between achieving your goals and remaining stagnant in your career. In this interactive program, we will uncover strategies to help you identify, connect with, and derive the most value from your ideal mentors. Participants will learn the roles and responsibilities of mentees and the essential tools for building their round table of mentors.

In this session, you will:

  • Discover the four phases of a mentoring relationship
  • Pinpoint the top traits of great mentees and assess how you measure up
  • Determine how to find the right mentors at this stage of your career
  • Explore the different types of mentors and decide which will fit you best

“Ted's session was an absolute hit and he received rave reviews from attendees. Additionally, he was fantastic to work with. He continually asked how he could make my job easier leading up to the event.


Mentor-Based Selling: What the Best Sales Professionals Do Differently

As a sales professional, the difference between your success and stagnation often lies in how you perceive and position yourself. Mentor-based selling transforms the conventional sales approach into a more meaningful and impactful method.

Drawing on insights from a national research study, this session uncovers the power of mentorship in the sales process. This interactive program is designed to empower sales professionals to exceed their sales targets, enhance client relationships, and become Everyday Mentors in their daily interactions. Participants will learn to redefine their role from salesperson to invaluable resource, reshaping their personal brand and the way they connect with clients and colleagues.

In this session, you will:

  • Discover how to improve performance by integrating mentorship principles into your sales methodology
  • Learn how shifting your approach to mentor-based selling enhances client engagement and loyalty
  • Explore how to transform client perceptions by positioning yourself as a mentor, not just a salesperson
  • Develop strategies to elevate your impact and personal brand

“Ted is a fabulous speaker who took the time to get to know our business culture and vibe before getting on stage. His message was spot on and engaged the whole audience. Our team can't stop talking about the experiences.”


Mindset Shift: How to Close the Gap Between Potential and Performance

What separates top performers from everyone else is their mindset. We frequently get so busy with our current commitments that we miss the opportunities to get ahead.

While we all have potential, converting that into performance requires us to shift our mindset. To make that shift, we must step into our growth zone and surround ourselves with the people who will help us think and act differently. In this interactive program, we will explore the strategies to unlock your potential, expand your comfort zone, and perform at a higher level.

In this session, you will:

  • Explore strategies for moving beyond your comfort zone
  • Discover how an association audit will improve your performance
  • Learn how to get the feedback you need to grow
  • Determine how to find the mentors that will accelerate your growth

Ted really cares to make it personal and understand what our goals are. It didn’t feel like he was there to do a job. He made us feel like he was a part of our team.


Leadership Loyalty: How to Be the Leader People Never Want to Leave

What do you remember about the leaders that earned your loyalty? Chances are, you remember the way they made you feel. These leaders learned how to leverage the power of their example, created a culture of appreciation, and developed new leaders on their teams. Their communication approach changed from telling their employees what to do to coaching them. 

In this interactive program, we uncover the strategies for you to become the leader that people want to follow and never want to leave.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The 4 step process for developing new leaders
  • The critical skill that most leaders overlook and how you can apply it to increase engagement and retention
  • Why employees quit their job and how you can get them to stay
  • How to resolve problems in a way that promotes trust

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Everyday Mentorship

A bold new way to invest in, inspire, and ignite others in just minutes a day.

Discover the top mentorship traits that are catalyzing today’s workforce—and how to easily develop and deploy them every single day.

  • Why mentorship is more critical than ever—with the research to prove it.
  • The essential differences between leaders and mentors—and which one matters more.
  • How to be an Everyday Mentor in just minutes a day!