A fresh perspective on leadership

Developing a Mentorship Mindset

Keynote speaker, leadership strategist, and author Ted Ma, equips your leaders to become Everyday Mentors and create a culture that people never want to leave.

A fresh perspective on leadership

Developing a Mentorship Mindset

Keynote speaker, leadership strategist, and author, Ted Ma, equips your leaders to become great mentors and create a culture that people never want to leave.

The Future Success Of An Organization

Lies Squarely On The Shoulders Of Today’s Managers And Leaders.

Yet the unfortunate reality is, most companies are not equipping their managers with the skills they need to face the complex challenges of our modern workplace and develop the next generation of leaders.

It's time for a fresh perspective on leadership.

As an elder millennial with over two decades of experience leading large and diverse teams, Ted brings a unique lens that will help your organization attract, develop, and retain great employees. His proprietary research has shown that empowering leaders to become Everyday Mentors is the key to creating a workplace culture that people never want to leave.

Through his interactive speaking programs, Ted delivers practical strategies to help your leaders transition from outdated top-down management styles to building a people-first work environment with a focus on mentorship, employee engagement, and leadership development.

Did You Know?


Of professionals said mentorship significantly impacted their career.


Say that they are more engaged in the workplace as the result of mentoring.


Attributed mentorship as the driver of increased performance at work.

Building a Culture of EVERYDAY Mentorship

The Benefits Are Clear

Drives Employee Engagement

Mentorship creates higher employee engagement, as individuals feel valued, heard, and supported in their roles.

Increases Retention and Loyalty

Employees who are mentored are more likely to stay with the company, reducing turnover rates and fostering loyalty.

Encourages Knowledge Sharing

Mentorship encourages the flow of knowledge and skills throughout the organization, benefiting everyone involved.

Promotes Leadership Development

Mentorship nurtures future leaders, giving them the tools, guidance, and experience they need to lead effectively.

Boosts Team Morale and Productivity

Mentorship leads to higher job satisfaction, increased overall productivity, and a more positive working environment.

Latest Research

Ted's collaboration with the University of Northern Colorado delivers the latest trends and insights in the field of mentorship.

Speaking Programs

Become an Everyday Mentor to equip your leaders with the skills and support they need to tackle today’s complex workplace challenges.


Great leaders think and act differently. Learn the mindset, habits and skills that will help you excel in both your career and personal life.

Ted at a Glance

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Top 10 Reasons to Book Ted

Ted Ma isn't your regular keynote speaker; he's a seasoned leader who knows how to captivate an audience with his personalized, engaging presentations. With his high-energy, passionate delivery style, he ensures his messages stick while building genuine connections with his audience members before, during, and after each session.

What Ted's Clients Are Saying

Julia Wilmott

"He was so easy to work with. I would definitely recommend him to any meeting planners who want a low maintenance, high quality, high impact speaker."

Julia Willmott

CMP | Senior Planner, HPN Global

Phil Thomas

"Ted Ma brought the enthusiasm and energy that we wanted to kick off our conference. His customized program set the tone for the rest of the event."

Phil Thomas

Conference Chair, TRMA

Judy Levinsohn

"Ted did his homework and the keynote was right on. The feedback we've gotten from our attendees is that this was the best keynote speaker to date."

Judy Levinsohn

Director of Education, CACM

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Everyday Mentorship

A bold new way to invest in, inspire, and ignite others in just minutes a day.

Discover the top mentorship traits that are catalyzing today’s workforce—and how to easily develop and deploy them every single day.

  • Why mentorship is more critical than ever—with the research to prove it.
  • The essential differences between leaders and mentors—and which one matters more.
  • How to be an Everyday Mentor in just minutes a day!